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Civilization V Repack | Mediafire Links

Since first appearing in 1991, Civilization has become an instantly classic game, and is considered one of the phenomena of the strategy game genre. Through further developments, although individual features change, but overall, the play of the game still revolves around the player leading a nation to go to the prosperous. In the process, players will have to manage in terms of economic, diplomatic and military. In this new version, the game developers who want the game becomes "closer" than, so several mechanisms in the previous sections, such as religion, espionage, spies will be removed. They argue that this job will make the game easier to understand content, as well as helping players control the complex situation when played better. next change worth mentioning is the limit to the number of troops can stand in a cell on the game screen. With the previous section, players are allowed to create a powerful force and gathered them in a mere box. That there will no longer exist in Civilization V, by the opinion of the designer, the battle should take place at other locations outside the major cities. This factor will make your army when advancing to move in a wider field, the battle becomes higher scale.

In addition, the implementation of this feature also allows gamers have experienced players develop the ability to control his generals soldiers. The most obvious is that you are allowed to take advantage of terrain that the enemy could allelopathy effectively. Archer, ranged combat soldiers could benefit from the world behind the terrain does not pass to attack the enemy, as of the close combat troops will be hard to close them immediately. 
The fight just a simple part in the big screens. If not outlined a specific orientation, whether he wins every game when faced with an enemy, players are likely to be lost. Artificial intelligence (AI) of Civilization V would be quite logical expressions. You will encounter unexpected because of the sophisticated tactics that they perform. Every leader in the game show "personality" through their tendency to play. For example, Katherine tries to expand its territory to cities. But the development of these cities will not be compared with the Gandhi because he is more prone to. Queen Elizabeth of England also focuses on the Navy, have widespread influence on the high seas. That does not mean that players can anticipate the AI paths. Firaxis Games has "care" for this very well, so rest assured that you will be challenged with the worthy opponent. Frame when diplomacy is done entirely through 3D images. Characteristics of where each leader appears separate also contribute somewhat to reflect who they are. Gamers will encounter on the river Gandhi, Napoleon in the battle field, while her own office in Bismarck. Effects of light, shadow contribute to increasing the true definition of this great man, though somewhat idealized. Not only that, the statement from them is also very impressive, especially when Caesar said will disperse your troops. Although not really play a role in the genre of turn-based strategy games, images, and sound is still two factors may be attractive as well as making a long term player with a game. If you feel what the images in Civilization IV is nice, you will be covered in the next graphic is by the word "excellent", besides, this terrain will also be clearly distinguished hon.Moi people will have their own unique tracks from their own culture, are fighting as the background music will change appropriately. addition to the features mentioned above, there are still many things Civilization has not been revealed in V. This promises to be a spiritual food is indispensable for the loyal fans of the series in general and Civilization turn-based strategy game in particular.

Minimum Requirements

Windows XP 
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0Ghz Processor 
8 GB free hard disk space 
DVD drive 
256 MB ATI 2600 XT / nVidia 7900 GS or higher 

Recommend Requirements

SP2/Windows 7 Windows Vista 
1.8 GHz Quad Core Processor 
8 GB free hard disk space 
DVD drive 
512 MB ​​ATI 4800 / nVidia 9800 or higher

Installation Instructions

1.Rename .Ctit to .Rar 
2.Unrar using 7Zip or Winrar
3.Run setup.bat 
4.Play the Game 

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Status: Working

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If you have game errors like xlive.dll or other errors go to this page


  1. Please help, I was able to download all the files but I cant play the game... please tell me how to install/setup this game... newbie here... thanks...

    1. Install Daemon tools or any mounting programs via google, mount the ISO file to run the set up file
      follow above instructions from the admin
      and it is good to go.
      Works on me. :)

  2. how to install pls help

  3. What pass?

  4. where is admin...wronggg pw. :((


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