Note to Users...

If you are having error like xlive.dll, or other dll errors you need to download this

Microsoft .NET Framework 4:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86):
Games for Windows Live:
Microsoft Direct x Runtime:
How to Create Offline GFWL Account:
I also Recommend using UltraIso to Mount/Extract Files:

Report any Dead Links Here:

How to Join .001 Files?

Use FFSJ: 
or Hj Split

1. All .001,002,003,004 and so on should be in the same directory
2. Browser the first part which is .001 and Choose Output directory
3. Click Join

If winrar part is corrupt just repair it

1. Open Winrar
2. Browser for your files
3. Right Click>Repair
4. Choose Treat the corrupt as RAR
5. Press OK
6. Wait for it to finish
7. Done, now your winrar corrupt parts is fixed

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