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Two Worlds II Repack | Mediafire Links

Two Worlds II (also known as Two Worlds: The Temptation) is a role-playing video game developed by Polish video game developer Reality Pump and published by TopWare Interactive as a sequel to the 2007 game Two Worlds. It was released on November the 9th 2010 in mainland Europe for PC (Windows and Mac), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game was released on the 25th January 2011 in North-America for the same platforms. The game has been a commercial hit and sold 1 million units three weeks after its release in Europe. By February 2011 sold units have exceeded 2 million in number.

Like its predecessor, Two Worlds II is a real-time role-playing game that takes place in an open non-linear fantasy world where players take the role of a single character with whom they can explore and undertake quests. From the beginning players can lightly customize the appearance of the protagonist such as shape of face and body, and skin colour. As is common in role-playing games, the player’s character will level up by gaining experience points through completion of quests and defeating enemies. Much of the in-game world can be fully explored from the beginning, regardless of how much the player has progressed through the main story arc. Despite being non-linear, many areas of the land are populated by strong foes with higher levels than that of the player initially and as a result, players may want to explore them once their character has improved. While players will travel across much of the landscape on foot, they are soon given the option to ride on horseback and even later, a chance to man the helm of a boat to sail across the seas between islands. In addition players can also fast travel using magical teleportation fixtures found across the map.
From the beginning of the single-player game, all players' characters begin at the base level. Rather than having players choose a character’s class and style of play, as they level up points are given to be spent on improving their four main stats; endurance (health and damage), strength (combat), accuracy (ranged), and willpower (magic) while also unlocking and improving various other skills and abilities such as forging items, special combat moves, sneaking, spells and others. Players can also mix skills instead of focusing on one type of character build.

Minimum requirements:
- Intel or AMD single core processor (2.0 GHz)
- 1 GB RAM (2 GB with Windows Vista and 7)
- Windows XP, Snow leopard
- Radeon HD, Geforce 8800GT (Shader 3,0 and 512 MB RAM)
- Mouse, keyboard, DVD drive, sound card
- Internet connection for Multiplayer
- DirectX 9.0c or OpenGL
- 8 GB disk space

Recommended configuration:
- Intel or AMD multi-core CPU (2.6 GHz)
- 4 GB RAM
- Windows Vista, Windows 7, Snow leopard
- Radeon HD 2900, Geforce 8800 GTX
- Mouse, keyboard, DVD drive assembly, 5.1-Soundcard
- Internet connection with 6.000 of BPS for Multiplayer
- 8 GB disk space

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Status: Working

If you have game errors like xlive.dll or other errors go to this page

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